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Poor communication can lead to disaster. In fact, failure to communicate effectively is one of the most frequent causes of stress, inefficiency and failure. These modules will help you learn to be a better communicator - the important first step to making meetings and discussions more effective and productive.

Being Assertive by...
  1. Being Assertive Not Passive
  2. Being Assertive Not Aggressive
  3. Using "I" Language
Speaking Effectively by...
  1. Using Influencing Skills
  2. Using a Conflict Resolution Worksheet
  3. Asking Direct And Non Direct Questions
  4. Building Rapport
  5. Using The Correct Tone
Better Customer Service by...
  1. Putting Customers First
  2. Dealing With Difficult Customers
  3. Handling Complaints
  4. Knowing What Your Customers Want
  5. Staying Customer Focused
Listening Better by...
  1. Using Empathic Listening
  2. Listening So Others Will Hear
  3. Understanding Feelings
  4. Active Listening; Physical
  5. Active Listening; Participating
  6. Active Listening; Participating Thoughtfully
  7. Reflecting Feelings And Meanings
  8. Neutralizing Snap Judgements

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