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DEALING WITH DISCRIMINATION AND HARASSMENT (14 modules) Back to competency menu

How you handle Discrimination and Harassment can be crucial to keeping your workplace civil. These modules will help you develop a clear understanding of what discrimination and harassment are, how to handle a situation and the people involved when necessary and how to develop an environment where discrimination and harassment are less likely to occur.

Dealing With Discrimination and Harassment by...
  1. Understanding What it Is
  2. Understanding Why it Happens
  3. Preventing It in your Managerial Role
  4. Knowing How to Deal with a Complainant
  5. Knowing How to Deal with a Respondent
  6. Knowing What to do Before Getting Into Formal Proceedings
  7. Knowing What to do When the Complainant is Reluctant to Speak Up
  8. Preventing It Happening to You
  9. Knowing What to Do if it Happens to You
  10. Knowing How to Handle Unintended Harassment
  11. Knowing How to Deal With a Poisoned Environment
  12. Understanding Appropriate Outcomes
  13. Knowing How to Mediate
  14. Understanding the Need for Confidentiality

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