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1. I often let small barriers get in the way of my peace of mind. Getting Stress Hardy by . . .
Being Determined to Succeed
2. I have trouble starting big projects. Making Time Last Longer by . . .
Delegating to the Future
3. I often am unhappy when I re-read something I wrote awhile ago. Writing Better by . . .
Editing Well
4. I have had lots of trouble learning how to use my computer. Managing Change by . . .
Integrating New behaviours into Your Life
5. I think I'm too cautious Managing Yourself by . . .
Being a Risk Taker
6. I miss what others mean although I hear what they say. Listening Better by . . .
Using Empathic Listening
7. People who work for me could be more motivated. Effective Coaching by . . .
Celebrating Success
8. I too often do things on my own Emotional Intelligence by . . .
Knowing that none of us is as strong as all of us
9. I run into many roadblocks Personal Marketing Skills by . . .
Turning Barriers into Magical Pictures

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