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Opening a module 
1. To access a module simply click on its name which is linked. The module will open in your word processor.  This may take a couple of mouse clicks depending on your browser and word processor. 

For example if you are using Windows, Internet Explorer and Word the module will usually just open directly. In some versions of Explorer an authentication box will open. Just click cancel in the box if this happens.  If you use Windows, Netscape and Word you will likely be asked to open or save the module. Choose open.  If you have a Mac, first save the module then you'll be able to open it in your word processor. 

2. When you first see the module create a special file to save your modules, to save them there and have easy re-access if you want to see them again or change something or redo the module. 

3. There are few extra instruction right in the module.  You'll see a link at the top that says "First Time Users Click Here". 

4. If you have a pop-up blocker [Google's, for example] it will stop the modules from opening unless you disable the pop-up blocker. For example, with Google's pop-up blocker you need to hold down the Control key as you click on the module you want to use.

Completing a module 
5 . When you open a module the first thing to do is read the coaching section.  This will give you the ideas to learn in the module. 

6. Scroll down the page to get to the mentoring section.  Here you'll respond to questions which will help you internalize the ideas of the module , in a personally relevant way. 

7. Type in your answers when you see a . . 

8. Think about how to apply the learning in the module to yourself. 

9. Save and/or print the module.  You can also edit a module whenever you wish, or simply redo it. 

10. When printing insert page breaks every 10 inches before you print. 

More Detailed Instructions 

1. Reading 

Each module has two sections. Coaching, Mentoring 

We first ask you to read the Coaching section carefully to pick up some basic information about the topic of the module. 

2. Scrolling 

If all the coaching doesn't fit onto one screen you can use the mouse to point to the "down arrow" in the "scroll bar" which appears on the right side of the screen. When you click on the "down arrow" the page will move so you can read the rest of the page. Try that now. There is also an up arrow at the top of the scroll bar to allow you to move up the page. Try that as well. You can also scroll (move) up and down the page using the direction keys on your keyboard. 

3. Thinking

We next ask you to read the Mentoring Questions.   You need to think about 

  • what you've read in the Coaching section
  • the question
  • examples that we've given
  • what you knew before and
  • what you may have learned elsewhere
Think of the questions as what you might be asked if you were in a face to face meeting with a coach or mentor.  The questions are there to guide your thinking and your creativity.  This reflective thinking is a key ingredient to successfully learning the ideas of the module.  By thinking about the personal relevance of the ideas you'll learn them better. 

4. Typing 

When the form is open in your word processor you will be able to type your answers to the questions you see on the page. You can type just as you normally do. You can type as much as you want, the space will expand to contain your answer.   Type in your answers when you see a . . 

5. Saving/Printing 

We suggest you create a special file to save your modules.  Alternatively you could print them our and keep them in a binder for easy reference.  If you wish to save the modules you can do so on your own computer or on a floppy disk by clicking on File in the top left corner of the screen and then using the Save As command. 

To print simply click on the picture of the printer on your screen and OK in the box that appears next. If your printer is turned on and has paper in it your completed version of the module will print out for you to review for future reference and save.  Before printing insert page breaks every 10 inches. 

Help for Coaches 

If you coach others using The Online Coaching Clinic

Choosing which modules for them to complete
  • Choose modules for them to complete based on identified problems and learning opportunities.
  • Problems may be identified in a performance appraisal or by the employee or from noticeable needs.
  • For example: if the problem is "My manager undervalues me."
  • Express the solution as action the employees controls; "I help my manager know my value."
  • Choose a coaching module that will help move towards the solution or needed learning.
  • In this case it might be from the Assertiveness, Initiative or Communication modules.
Reviewing the completed modules
  • Find a private place to review the completed module. Schedule enough time.
  • Listen carefully to their ideas. Don't judge.
  • Paraphrase their ideas to check that you understand.
  • Focus on asking the employee to think of new actions they could take.
  • Use open-ended questions; questions that cannot be answered "yes" or "no".
  • Start questions with why, when, where, how, who or what.
  • Offer new ideas only when they've run out.
  • Be specific. Encourage them to be creative by asking questions and by being positive.

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