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If the statement on the left is true for you the module on the right will help you further develop your skills.
These modules will help the user develop marketing and selling skills. They can help people sell services, products and ideas. The 19 modules will show people, whether natural marketers or not, the steps to create ideas, strategies and tactics to achieve marketing success.
Getting Marketing Smart by...

Although I know what I ultimately want, it is difficult to keep it in focus. Focusing On Your Goals
Weeks often pass without me doing any marketing. Knowing That Marketing is Like Farming
I feel alone when it comes to marketing. I'd like to find a way to share the burden. Giving Away What You Want
I have a number of clients who are not profitable. Letting Go Of What's Working
I don't always make use of the opportunities that having alliances can bring me. Knowing That None Of Us is As Strong As All Of Us
I am often quick to offer advice without really paying attention to what needs to be fixed. Listening First Then Helping
I know that sometimes I just have to feel the fear and go for it anyway. Knowing That Role Portrayal Leads To Role Realization
I sometimes miss the big opportunities that come my way. Rising To the Occasion
I give up too easily. Turning Barriers Into Magical Pictures
I'm not getting as many quality referrals as I used to. Finding Referral Sources
I waste a lot of marketing time because I am unfocused. Targeting Suspects
I'm not sure about the type of people who would make good clients or referral sources. Developing Prospects
I know I could earn more from my current clients, but I am not. Getting More Business From Current Clients
I have some anxiety around marketing. I don't feel like a winner. Being Determined To Succeed
I have no idea what my 'big break' would be. Helping Your Big Break Happen
My marketing is all over the place. I waste a lot of time. Identifying Your Best Tactic
I think my prospects could not distinguish what I offer from my competitors. Separating Yourself From the Herd
I'm too shy when it comes to making marketing telephone calls. I seem to often find something to get in the way. Overcoming Call Reluctance
Although I have great ideas, I find it difficult to comfortably speak about them with others. Being an Evangelist For Yourself

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