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If the statement on the left is true for you the module on the right will help you further develop your skills.
These modules will help the user gain a perspective on different kinds of planning and situations in which it is needed. Each of the modules presents necessary ideas for using planning as a tool for progress towards a goal.
Better Planning by...

I tend to use plan the same way regardless of the objective, project or task. Six Types Of Plans
I'm disorganized when planning and usually avoid it entirely. Understanding Strategic Planning
I don't always have a strategic plan when I start a new project. Understanding Project Planning
Group planning meetings at work are often disorganized and time-consuming. Planning In Groups

These six modules present a sequence of needs for excellence in problem solving. Each module tackles one part of the problem solving process, starting with an overall model and ending with the sale of the solution. The modules can be done individually to solve one aspect of a situation or in sequence for a full scale analysis and implementation.
Better Problem Solving by...

When problems arise I get started badly because I am too anxious to wait and gather all the data. Defining Problems
I have difficulty coming up with "out of the box" ideas. Brainstorming Solutions
Although I might come up with several ways to solve a problem, I have trouble choosing the right one. Selecting the Best Solution
I get tongue tied when trying to sell a new idea. Getting Buy In
I find the progression from problem-solving to action a difficult one because I am not sure how to implement a plan. Implementing the Solution

These modules will ideally complement any presentation skills course the user may have completed. They will act as a refresher in key areas helping the user formulate a new presentation in a disciplined and structured way.
Better Presentations by...

I am often unsure of how the audience will respond to my presentation. Understanding the Objective
I tend to lose my audience during presentations. Crafting And Communicating
When I'm making a presentation, I get uncomfortable when I see people in the audience looking bored. Understanding Your Audience
When presenting I sometimes lose my audience because they don't understand what I'm saying. Using Visual Aids

These four modules aim to be a quick overview of ways to use writing and make it communicate better. Mark Twain once said something like; "Sorry I didn't have time to make this letter short." He meant he needed more time to make his letter clear and precise while short. These modules will help people who need a quick helping hand to get their writing to be better.
Writing Better by...

When I start writing, my thoughts are often unorganized. Using Your Writing Time Well
I write letters that clients say are hard to understand. Editing Well
The letters I write are often unclear and unorganized. Writing Better Letters
I tend to forget information I don't document right away. Knowing When To Write It Down

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