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If the statement on the left is true for you the module on the right will help you further develop your skills.
Too much to do or too many projects that need immediate attention are a common complaint in the workplace. These four modules present alternative ways to address and organize workloads that seemingly exceed capacity. Each module presents a different perspective on how to handle the problem.
Getting Organized by...

I feel like I'm a slave to whatever seems urgent. Putting First Things First
I'd get so much more done if my office was more organized. Cleaning Up the Messes In Your Life
I sometimes panic if too much comes my way at the same time. Handling Multiple Projects
I don't take full advantage of the organizing tools available to me. Using Organizing Tools Well

With so much to do many workers feel that there are just not enough hours in the day to complete every personal and professional task on their plate. These nine modules each present one good strategy for using the time that is available better or arranging circumstances to make time more effective. When time is used well people can be more effective and productive and have more peace of mind.
Making Time Last Longer by...

I don't always think about my short and long term goals when I think of ways to manage my time properly. Knowing Why You Want More Time
I often can't get started on big projects until the last minute because they look so frightening. Delegating To the Future
I have a difficult time eliminating activities that are a really poor use of time. Delegating To the Trash Can
I am not sure how to organize priorities into short and long term goals. Determining Your Priorities
I am often sitting around doing nothing and annoyed when I am waiting. Delegating To Waiting Time
I feel tired too much of the time. Delegating To Your Body
I lose time because people take advantage of me. Delegating To a Policy
I think I'd be more effective if I used all the technology available to me more of the time. Delegating To Technology
I often put things off until the last minute. Delegating To the Present

One category of time management tactics is prioritization. These three modules present different methods of prioritization that can be used to focus, plan and execute in a superior fashion. The benefits of expertise in prioritization is that the right things get done in the most optimum order.
Effective Prioritization by...

I spend a lot of time doing unnecessary tasks. Focusing On What's Important
I decide what I'm going to do when I get to the office in the morning but often get bogged down in minor stuff, and don't do what I had planned. Making a Plan For Everyday
I get interrupted too much and it's disruptive. Sticking With Your Plan

Time pressed executives often have the opportunity to delegate more in order to find the time to do what is most important and not get lost in work others can and should do. These three modules offer critical strategies necessary to become proficient at delegating. Upon completion the learner will be able to use the people around them better to mutual benefit.
Delegating Better by...

I often try to do everything myself, including the things others do better than me. Knowing What To Delegate
I worry about delegating because I don't want to lose control of the results. Knowing How To Delegate
I am not sure what to expect when I delegate work to others. Knowing What To Avoid

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