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If the statement on the left is true for you the module on the right will help you further develop your skills.
We negotiate every day much more than we know that we do. It happens constantly in the workplace, at home and in personal relations. These five modules present dimensions to negotiating that deal with objectives, interpersonal issues and getting a good solution. Together they can provide a salient overview to complement a full scale program in negotiating skills.
Better Negotiation Skills...

I like to get my own way when I negotiate, even if it means that the opinions of the other party are not considered. Getting To Win/Win
When I negotiate, I'm not usually aware of what the other person really wants. Discovering Others' Needs
I find it difficult to let go and search for a win/win solution. Striving For Consensus
I need help convincing others that my ideas are worthwhile. Selling Your Ideas
I often walk away from a negotiation unheard because I didn't prepare myself enough before hand. Having Personal Power

The modern workplace needs more civility. There are opportunities for many people to contribute to improved consideration. This can increase morale and productivity and offset problems. These four modules offer methods individuals can use to improve themselves and their working environment.
Creating a Caring Environment by...

I'm often moving so fast I don't let people know I appreciate their efforts. Saying Thanks
I don't always treat others with the same amount of respect, as I would like to be treated. Showing Respect
I find it painful to give feedback. Giving Feedback
I often fail to realize that some people can contribute from a different and valuable point of view. Valuing Diversity

Confidence is a big opportunity for most people. Increased confidence can stimulate rewards in several ways. These modules focus on ways the individual can grow into more confidence by applying effort to personal skills they themselves control.
Gaining Confidence by...

I don't always have a concrete plan before I start a project. Acting On Purpose
I get lots of help from a mentor but struggle when they are not around. Being Your Own Coach
I am sometimes very uncomfortable because I'm playing a role that doesn't suit me. Being Authentic

Almost everyone in organizations now works on some form of a team. Managers once again are becoming focused team leaders after years of focusing on project management. These six modules will help managers understand the dynamics of teams and how to get the most from the structure. They will provide advice on dealing with interaction among team members and between the leader and the team.
Better Teamwork by...

I often forget that my own professional weaknesses may be someone else's professional strengths. Knowing That None Of Us is As Strong As All Of Us
I don't always treat other team members, as I would like to be treated. Giving Away What You Want
I am not sure how to organize my team so as to produce quality results as efficiently as possible. Using Start Team Design
The members of my team have grown independently of each other, rather than as a whole. Knowing How Teams Evolve
My team members don't always respect and understand each other. Having a Vision Of Great Team Members
Some of my team members have a hard time recognizing other people's strengths and encouraging them to develop those skills. Helping Others Contribute

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