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If the statement on the left is true for you the module on the right will help you further develop your skills.
The one thing about the modern organization that isn't changing is the fact of constant change. These seven modules present a paradigm to help people face and deal with the different aspects of change that they consistently face. The modules deal with issues of the self and dealing with others from a managerial and staff perspective.
Managing Change by...

I have had trouble adjusting to change around me. Integrating New Behaviours Into Your Life
I find it difficult to deal with people who are not quick to adapt to change. Dealing With Resistance
I have trouble convincing people to go along with change. They whine too much Overcoming Barriers To Change
I tend to cope with change as it occurs. I rarely prepare for it beforehand. Taking Charge Of Yourself
Once change has occurred, the effects continue to linger. Clarifying Expectations
I tend to ignore the need to discuss change because I do not want to deal with it again and again. Coping With Constant Change
I find that the performance of people who work for me really goes down when there's a lot of change going on. Building Resilience

The modern workplace and other environments present many challenges. So often the easily expected is not forthcoming. These constant surprises demand flexibility to ensure progress is made. These four modules present ideas and perspectives that people can use to develop and use flexibility in the workplace and elsewhere.
Being Flexible by...

I often get frustrated trying to control what others do. Knowing Control
All the change going on around me is getting me down and deflating my resilience. Dealing With Changing Circumstance
Even if I am not sure of how something is done, I don't always ask for help. Handling Ambiguity
I'm getting increasingly frustrated in my dealings with people. Being Adaptable

Patience is a bedrock skill of emotional intelligence. It is necessary in all kinds of environments. Unfortunately patience is sadly lacking in our 'thirty second commercial culture'. These modules will help the learner develop perspective on patience, what it is and how it must be employed in the modern workplace.

I often react to certain situations without pausing to understand my feelings first. Emotional Self-Awareness
I sometimes miss what's going on inside other people when we're talking or in a meeting. Emotional Awareness Of Others
When I let my ego control my reaction to others, I can seem insensitive and impatient. Managing Your Ego
I can lose my poise and control when a conflict arises. Keeping Focused During Conflict

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