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GETTING STRESS HARDY (19 modules) Back to personal assessment

If the statement on the left is true for you the module on the right will help you further develop your skills.
Stress hardiness and resilience are necessities in the typical fast paced, under-resourced and evolving workplace. These eleven modules present coping skills individuals can use to improve their responses to their environment. This will increase their control over what they control [themselves] and move them towards the an ever-present ability to bounce back i.e. resilience.
Getting Stress Hardy by...

I'm not sure if I am committed enough to succeed. Being Determined To Succeed
I'm constantly trying to fix things that are out of my control. Changing Your Reaction To Stressful Situations
I'm just living day to day with no vision of where I'm headed. Focusing On Your Goals
I often allow unimportant activities to distract me from accomplishing what needs to be done. Focusing On What's Important
Although I sometimes feel guilty, I am not sure why or where it comes from. Overcoming Your Feelings Of Guilt
I often react to stress in irrational and uncontrollable ways. Talking Back To Your FeelingTalk
The chatter in my mind questioning every decision I make is driving me crazy. Talking Back To Your Negative MindTalk
I quite often feel physically in pain and don't know why. Talking Back To Your BodyTalk
When encountered with a stressful situation, I sometimes do not react properly. Changing Your Thinking About Stressful Situations
I don't know the benefits of being Stress Hardy. Knowing Why You Want To be Stress Hardy
My attitudes sometimes get in my way and leave me feeling very uncomfortable. Letting Go Of Unhelpful Beliefs

Most people have the problem of too many desirable or necessary tasks to complete each day. The problem is not a lack of time. The problem is too many things to do. These modules will help the user take the first steps to putting their life into balance.
Achieving Work Life Balance by...

I'm missing out on major parts of my life. Understanding the Components Of Your Life
I don't know what is important and what is not. Focusing On What's Important
I sometimes leave out important tasks at work because I'm overwhelmed by minutiae and by people who need me. Delegating To Policy

Many people are stressed in the workplace because their parenting challenges are getting the best of them. The work they do isn't so stressful but they are stressed by the time they get to it. These five modules present concepts parents can use to bring a more harmonious climate to family life. Completion of these modules can add to the quality of life for parents and their children.
Effective Parenting by...

My family doesn't have a mission statement to guide our reason for being a family. Having a Family Mission
I belong to a family in which each member functions independent of reasonable rules we agree on. Developing Laws For Your Family
As a parent, I'm uncomfortable with decisions my children make. Teaching Decision Making
I sometimes ignore or forget that my role as parent is to help my children learn and grow. Using Parenting Opportunities
There are many opportunities for my children to do more thinking. Encouraging Children To Think

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