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If the statement on the left is true for you the module on the right will help you further develop your skills.
The capability to initiate provides the individual fundamental advantages necessary to succeed in the modern workplace. These six modules cover indispensable talents necessary to take the first steps toward expertise in showing initiative. People who complete these modules will own the intellectual tools to survive and thrive on the leading edge.
Taking Initiative by...

I never take risks and as a result feel that I'm achieving less than I could. Being a Risk Taker
Doubt and expectations of failure often blur my vision of success. Having a Positive Vision
I rarely do more than is expected of me. Rising To the Occasion
I seldom go out on a limb because I don't want to be wrong. Nurturing Your Creativity
I often stop when something goes wrong. Turning Barriers Into Stepping Stones
Most of my decision-making focuses on short-term rather than long-term goals. Planning And Thinking Ahead

Complexity in today's workplace makes it hard to get things done and completed. The successful individual must have perseverance and tenacity to complete all the steps necessary to succeed. These three modules present strategies for fundamental skills necessary to get things done.
Developing Perseverance & Tenacity by...

I tend to believe that there is nothing I can do to fix a situation that's gone badly. Developing a Positive Attitude
When something goes wrong I am not creative about what to do to make it better Dealing With Negatives
I become anxious when I lose control of a situation. Overcoming Fear

Meeting significant personal goals takes motivation. These seven modules present guidelines to achieving levels of motivation which will stimulate confidence. That confidence will, in turn, lead to successful outcomes fueled by the high motivation.
Motivating Yourself by...

When I start a new project, I worry about failure. Having Positive Expectations
The rewards that motivate my teammates to work harder are not the ones that motivate me. Knowing What Motivates
I often feel bored and unchallenged with my work. Taking On New Challenges
I have no idea how to motivate myself. Increasing Your Self-Understanding
I know I want to succeed, but I don't know what I want to succeed in. Focusing On Your Goals
I am often distracted by unimportant activities and lose track of what needs to be done. Focusing On What's Important
Although I know I want to succeed, I lack the commitment to do so. Being Determined To Succeed

Often, in difficult environments, people have to identify the circumstances and develop special tactics to cope with the situation they are in. These three modules present alternative strategies for coping. The learner, upon completion of these modules, will have the thinking techniques to navigate difficult situations better.
Coping Better by...

Other people will think I'm weak if I ask for help. Letting Go Of Unhelpful Beliefs
I feel as though I have to do everything if I want things to be done properly. Learning To Let Go
I seem to approach all problems with the same problem-solving strategies. Overcoming Tunnel Vision

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