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If the statement on the left is true for you the module on the right will help you further develop your skills.
Assertiveness in the workplace offers the opportunity to overcome stressful circumstances. Individuals who naturally know how to be assertive have the advantage of getting what they want and often what the organization needs, with a minimum of discontent. These three modules present the fundamentals of assertiveness offering solutions to many fundamental problems.
Being Assertive by...

I rarely speak up when I have an idea about how to solve a problem. Being Assertive Not Passive
I sometimes sense that I'm acting hostile or defensive when its not called for. Being Assertive Not Aggressive
I am sometimes tongue tied when I need to be assertive and speak up for what I want. Using "I" Language

We all have customers, either internal or external. We need to keep them satisfied in order to meet goals. These five modules attack different problems of customer service. Each will help the learner develop new tactics and language to deal with customer and client situations. When finished the learner will have new confidence to deal with a variety of situations.
Speaking Effectively by...

When in a group setting, I tend to blend in. Using Influencing Skills
I don't know how to resolve conflicts. Using a Conflict Resolution Worksheet
Often I miss important details when conducting an interview with a client. Asking Direct And Non Direct Questions
I feel tense when communicating with others. Building Rapport
My tone of voice is sometimes off. Using The Correct Tone

The best communicators have advantages that propel them to reach their goals quicker and with less stress. These five modules look at situations related to 'speaking' communication and offer the learner techniques to use speech better. Each module offers a unique tactic that can be employed in the workplace.
Better Customer Service by...

I need to be better at making customers feel special and important. Putting Customers First
I don't know how to deal with people who make unreasonable requests. Dealing With Difficult Customers
I feel uncomfortable when a client complains. Handling Complaints
I have a hard time understanding what my customers really want. Knowing What Your Customers Want
I am sometimes distracted by technicalities and forget that I should be focusing on customer satisfaction. Staying Customer Focused

Most stress in the workplace results from difficulties with interpersonal relationships. Listening skills play a huge role in making relationships in the workplace better. These modules present eight skills that go into being a better listener. That can reduce levels of stress while increasing personal effectiveness and performance.
Listening Better by...

I often do not understand the reason someone is saying something. Using Empathic Listening
I often misinterpret what people are saying to me. Listening So Others Will Hear
It is sometimes difficult for me to understand what other people are going through. Understanding Feelings
When listening to others speak, I feel physically distant. Active Listening; Physical
My mind tends to wander when other people are speaking. Active Listening; Participating
I don't always think about how people might feel if they knew I wasn't listening to them. Active Listening; Participating Thoughtfully
I rarely reflect feeling, content, or meaning back to a speaker so that they feel heard and understood. Reflecting Feelings And Meanings
Sometimes my preconceived beliefs limit my understanding of what someone says to me. Neutralizing Snap Judgements

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