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If the statement on the left is true for you the module on the right will help you further develop your skills.
Leadership is a key leverage opportunity available to every organization. A manager who can lead will elevate their own and their staff's performance and productivity. These eleven modules will help managers expand their knowledge about skills and attributes needed for them to grow into a leadership role. Managers who are already leading will find ways to hone and enhance their skills.
Better Leadership by...

I have difficulty getting my team started out right. Establishing Objectives And Ground Rules
When I hire a new employee I don't know how to generate their trust quickly. Building Trust
I lose subordinates who say they just were not challenged in the job. Sharing Power And Responsibility
I sometimes feel that it takes too long to resolve interpersonal conflicts. Overcoming Common Problems Of Conflict Resolution
I don't know how to constructively criticize people. Using Performance Feedback To Generate Improvement
My team sometimes is disorganized because roles are confused. Clarifying Roles
I often leave meetings I run feeling that I could have accomplished more. Managing Results Oriented Meetings
I want my team to have self-respect but I don't know what to do. Building Pride
I sometimes think my team is isolated in the organization. Building Support Networks
I sometimes find myself in leadership situations that leave me very uncomfortable. Demonstrating Leadership Character
I sometimes take too long to resolve problems on my team. Solving Problems

Coaching has the potential to dramatically increase the productivity of any individual in an organization. These six modules include the bedrock ideas that managers need in order to start coaching the people who work for them. Managers who complete these modules will be on their way to using their instincts, experience and intellect to improve the work of those around them.
Effective Coaching by...

I'm not sure my team understands the standards I expect from them. Modeling Excellence
There is more I need to know about what training is and how it works. Understanding Training
I don't always feel comfortable when it is time to celebrate. Celebrating Success
I don't know if I'm offering enough encouragement to my team. Encouraging Generously
I don't always congratulate team members when they've done a good job. Knowing How To Praise
When I criticize, I fail to offer advice on ways to improve. Criticizing Constructively

The ability to motivate people to do what they are supposed to do and then to exceed that level is a skill that leaders must have to meet productivity and performance standards. These four modules include significant concepts that managers must know to get the most from their teams. People who complete these modules will have a strong start to being skilled motivators.
Motivating Others by...

I rarely consider individual needs and preferences when I try to motivate team members. Knowing What Motivates
The projects I assign to individuals often require little thought and effort on their part. Providing Challenge
I often talk about the negative consequences of not performing well. Building Positive Expectations
I often make decisions on my own and rarely consider the opinions of my team. Getting Them Involved

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