Stress Hardy Transition

If you’re in job transition, or think you are about to be and feel afraid, you really need to see well beyond what your blinkers allow. Here are a dozen ideas to build mental energy to help shatter those blinkers.

The Psychology Of Marketing Yourself – Part 1

People who recognize their marketing hurdles can take action to overcome them. The actions don’t make the fear of rejection go away. The action simply overwhelms the fear with activity.

The Psychology Of Marketing Yourself – Part 2

One thing you must do to be an evangelist for yourself is to be sure you have something to sell that you really believe in. If, by some miracle, the cure for cancer fell in your lap you would have no trouble calling anyone to let them know.  You must come to the same point in your pitch about yourself.

The Psychology of Marketing Yourself – Part 3

Step one is to decide what your production target is. I suggest picking a number arbitrarily so that your ego is not involved in the decision. For example you could decide to make 37 cold, warm or follow up contacts every week.

The Psychology of Marketing Yourself – Part 4

Focus on going after big clients. It’s called fishing for whales. It’s de-energizing to market to someone for a long time only to get a small reward.

The Psychology of Marketing Yourself – Part 5

Create a victory list and carry it with you. A victory list is just that. It is a list of the victories you have had in your life. What are your accomplishments that many others haven’t had. Don’t minimize graduating, marrying, parenting, gaining clients initially, getting a job, winning something and having the respect of someone special.

Yet Another Time Management System that Works

When it comes to time management position in the hierarchy matters but the active ingredient for success is the discipline with which people manage their own time. Discipline in this case means what you do when no one else is pressuring you. The road to success is to diligently work at your plan on the days when nothing is interrupting you.

Today is the Present – Take Advantage

I liked the idea. “Yesterday is gone. My goal for today is to focus on getting better today.” That’s a good way to think.

Whatever Your Goal – You Need Relationships

I have found that the most common impediment to relationship building [over lunch, coffee etc.] is that people do not spend enough time reaching out. Most people have a significant list of people they can approach or a list can built by networking. But they don’t do enough inviting. Reaching out more is a difference that will make a difference.