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Press Release, September 16, 2002

The Coaching Clinic has announced that the Peel District School Board has chosen The Online Coaching Clinic to deliver e-coaching to its professional and administrative staff. The e-coaching will be used to support Work Life Balance and Professional Development initiatives.

Toronto, Monday, September 16, 2002

The Online Coaching Clinic [TOCC] will be used by the Peel District School Board [PDSB] as the third leg of a blended learning program aimed at increasing the Work Life Harmony of Principals and Vice-Principals in the almost 200 schools in the Peel District School Board. They will have access to all of TOCC's e-coaching modules.

The entire wellness initiative, called Take One Step, Wellness at Work, includes workshops called Do it ON Purpose and weekly e-newsletter called Balance Bites. The Balance Bites complement the workshop learning and direct readers to TOCC which increases usage. PDSB's Work Life Harmony initiative which is entering it's second year, aims to encourage a balanced lifestyle for participants and give them the tools, in turn, to promote balance for teachers in their schools.

TOCC now includes 168 e-coaching modules in nine competency areas related to Emotional Intelligence. These include: Stress Management, Time Management, Managing Yourself, Managing Others, Communication, Managing Change, Fourteen new modules will be coming on stream in September 2002 on the subject of Dealing With Discrimination and Harassment. The learning design focuses on solution focused questions to promote creative thinking. Each module takes about 15 minutes to complete.

"Our goal is to help our professional and administrative staff be among the best prepared in their field. This will help us to continue to recruit and keep the best and the brightest teaching and support staff. Our Take One Step work life harmony program supported by TOCC has received enthusiastic response from our administrators." Debra Mitchell, Superintendent of Human Resources at the Peel District School Board.

About The Online Coaching Clinic

The Online Coaching Clinic was created by The Coaching Clinic to extend the reach of its workshops and executive coaching. Users of The Online Coaching Clinic include Bell Mobility, the National Bank of Canada, the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario. LawPRO, the Lawyer's Professional Indemnity Company in Ontario, Canada has had over 3,000 lawyers, 20% of all in private practice in Ontario, sign up to use its customized version of TOCC called the Online Coaching Centre. For additional information about The Coaching Clinic and The Online Coaching Clinic, call (416) 787-5555 in North America.

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