practicePRO news: LPIC's Online Coaching Centre Racks Up Success April, 2002

If there was ever any doubt about the bar's willingness to embrace online learning, the success of LPIC's Online Coaching Centre has put those doubts to rest:

To date, more than 18,000 individual OCC modules have been downloaded by the more than 3,000 lawyers who have registered to use this Web-based self-coaching tool.

In addition, entire workshops, consisting of about 20 to 25 modules each, were downloaded more than 1,400 times. Based on feedback from some law firms, the modules within these workshops are being accessed internally by hundreds of lawyers in each of these firms.

Close to 1,800 lawyers completed the required three modules and filed their online Survey and Declaration to qualify for a $50 premium credit, to be applied to their 2002 insurance premiums. In fact, overwhelming last-minute response prompted LPIC to extend the filing deadline to September 28 from September 15.

The two most-accessed workshops are: Overcoming Procrastination, and Getting Stress Hardy. The top ten modules and the numbers of times they were downloaded are as follows:

  • Putting first things first (544)
  • Knowing why you want to be stress hardy (443)
  • Cleaning up the messes in your life (419)
  • Changing your thinking about stressful situations (365)
  • Focusing on your goals (331)
  • Understanding the components of your life (324)
  • Using a To-Do list (317)
  • Letting go of unhelpful beliefs (315)
  • Handling multiple projects (262)
  • Delegating to the future (261)