Career Coaching Goes Online
September 9, 2003, Toronto Metro,
(reprinted with permission)

Between taking the kids to daycare and handling that big business report for tomorrow's meeting, workers simply do not have the time for personal development.

Jerome Shore, Managing Director of The Coaching Clinic has the answer. The majority of people who seek coaching to help balance their lives have to map out a good portion of their day to travel to and from coaching.

The Coaching Clinic offers companies solutions to this problem by offering business and personal development through electronic coaching [e-coaching] and working intelligence.

"Working intelligence," explains Shore, "is working more intelligently; not repeating unproductive behaviour, doing more of the right stuff and less of the wrong."

Workers who are licensed to use the Online Coaching Clinic can log on and access 182 modules designed to go through the same thinking process as if the employee where talking to a coach. Depending on the issue an employee is dealing with, they can drill down into their own appropriate topic from change management, handling difficult people to priority setting.

"There are 100 words that explain the topic of choice and then there is a series of self directed earning questions which allow employees to be creative around the problem they need coaching on," says Shore. The Online Coaching Clinic is a great tool for managers who need support when they are acting in a coaching role, especially in areas that are not their expertise.

One of the biggest complaints of training courses is that they are like Chinese food, they fill you up for the day but leave you back where you left off days and weeks later. The Coaching Clinic can help with that too. You can arrange to have content specific e-mails sent directly to designated employees every Monday morning.

These 100 word tips are reminders of content of a previously held workshop or a topic management particularly believes their staff needs help with. Employers love electronic coaching systems because it offers long term training over time rather than a simple quick fix and nothing else. There are no absences from work and e-coaching is very cost effective.

Employees enjoy it because they don't have to dress up, they don't miss any work, they are learning on the spot and they can work at their own pace on their own time.

For further information on any of these electronic coaching systems contact Jerome Shore at or visit their Web site