daughter of Nashville singer

Was Bob Luman Nashville's 'Country' or was he the world's 'Rockabilly' artist?

A web page written in 1999 titled LET'S THINK ABOUT LUMAN by Shaun Mather and Phil Davies gives us lots to think about the late singer Bob Luman.

Telling about his beginnings, then how his career came to fruition, with a listing of his discography, this is a 'Rockabilly Hall of Fame' web page about Luman, on his trials, travels and travails thoughout his short life.

Luman, who died at age 41, would have been 74 on his April 15th birthday this year. In December, it will be 33 years since his passing.

We are friends with his only child, Melissa, on Facebook, and we recently presented her with some questions for this article about her famous celebrity singing dad.

Q: Melissa, how is it growing up with a 'famous' dad or 'celebrity' dad?

A. I feel I was very fortunate to have grown up how I did, when I did and where I did. What I mean is, I was brought up around some of the most famous musicians of our time. In the 'best of times' and back when country music was really country music.

Q. Is it just you or do you have brothers and sisters?

A. I am the only child of the late Bob Luman, star of the Grand Ole Opry, the Town Hall Party, and the Louisianna Hayride.

A. Every year I had my birthday party at the local Bluegrass Country Club Swimming Pool. My mom and dad always made sure I was surrounded by tons of friends and good times.

Q. I see your dad was really considered one of the early 'Rockabilly' artists while most of us around Nashville remember him as 'country'. If he were here today would he be 'country' or 'rock'?

A. He was a huge 'rockabilly' star first and he loved it. James Burton was his guitar player when they were 18 and 19; they went out to California and he lost James Burton to Ricky Nelson's band. He almost gave up; but the Everly Brothers were in the audience that night and told him about a song that Felice and Boudleaux Bryant wrote and thought he ought to come back to Nashville and hear it. He did and tt was 'Let's Think About Livin', which turned out to be one of his biggest hits.