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When the first Apple TV device came out, folks said it would forever change the way consumers watched movies. But after 3 years in the market, it had almost no impact at all. We have to set realistic goals and right now, too many folks think devices have more of an impact than they really do. So it's not about being a "visionary", it's about being realistic.

Dec 22 10:50 AMHi Alexander, Amazon's Video On Demand Service is not available on the Apple TV. So Netflix is helping to grow the video market, but they have not created a "multibillion dollar industry". The size of the video delivery market for CDNs was $400M globally in 2008 and increased to just under $600M in 2010 which is about a 13% CAGR. Needless to say, the sale price was about 30X revenue and never should have been purchased for so much, but that's the way it worked back then. Purchasing stock is simply an action. Anyone can do it so I don't see why someone can't have an opinion on a company just because they haven't gone online and hit the purchase button for a particular company.

Sep 30 01:39 PMI think it's sad that you think someone has to spend money on a stock in order to have a "valid say" about a company. As for you implying that I have never even used Netflix's service to begin with, see my comment above:On my blog I have done hands on reviews of Netflix on the Xbox 360, Roku, PS3, Wii, Mac, and many other devices over the past three years. Also a few other devices I can't name as they are not yet announced. You will clearly see that the Roku starts at $59.99, not $99 like you say. I write a post about video specifically and some commenters like yourself want to respond by talking about music.

Sep 15 09:37 PMYour stating things as facts that are not accurate. You said:"Apple just opened up to the world the ability to stream audio and video from any computer with iTunes to any audio device, like TVs, receivers, and even just speakers."This is not true. AirPlay can only stream video to Apple TVs, come November. No other device is supported at this time, for video. And since Apple does not have a lot of Apple TV devices in the market and will never sell as many as all of the other CE devices in the market combined, Apple will never get any major footprint with Apple TV.