Executive Coaching

We have been coaching  professionals, like lawyers and accountants, and executives in the public and private sectors since 1992.

Clients come to us to discuss concerns like business development, leadership, communication, transitions and stress management.

Our clients have come from a wide variety of organizations. See our client list.

Our technique is Success Focused. We start with jointly setting a goal and developing practical strategies we believe will yield success. Then we coach the persistent use of agreed tactics. Along the way we’re continuously addressing and overcoming hurdles and other obstacles that may impact the agreed strategy. 

We can see clients in person in Toronto. For clients outside Toronto telephone coaching has proved to be very successful. Reducing travel time is one benefit. Another is that face to face contact can inhibit openness. So telephone coaching can get critical information discussed sooner.

Contact us at 1-416-787-5555 to discuss. Or by email to Jerome or Margie.

“Thanks for this Jerome. Your advice is always so wonderful and easy to implement.  I really appreciate our time together.”

“Jerome, our meeting today was very productive and inspiring. Thank you very much for your time”

“Thank you so much, Margie. Your work is so consistently excellent and valued.”